Repaint: Now for the Decoration

This morning I visited Colin Dundas to find that the coachlines and scumbling were in progress. Still some way to go but the sign-writing should be soon.


Well-deck and cratch-board preparation


Harlequin decoration on the roof

Repaint Progress

After all the preparation time, Colin Dundas is now into serious paint application. Albert is beginning to look smart. 

Shiny cabin side

Preparation for scumbling the lockers

Brass Cleaning

Albert is traditional and has brass (not chrome) external fittings. We try to keep the mushroom vents shiny but most other brass items rarely get a good clean - it's simply too much work. However, with all the external brass-work off the boat for painting it's a good opportunity to get it cleaned and shiny.

I recently invested in a small bench grinder and polisher and spent some hours buffing. Some items like the stirrups, which hadn't been cleaned since they were fitted, now look shiny. I'm quite pleased with the results.

Not a bad job for a snowy day. Mind you this is St David's day, first day of Spring, and it's been -5 °C outside all day. We have so far escaped the worst of the snow, unlike Central Scotland and the South West.

Brass polishing

Paint going on

With the "Beast from the East" hitting this area (tonight it's already - 5° C) I'm glad Albert is in a heated dock. I visited High House Wharf on Monday and it was cold, sunny and clear. Paint is at last being applied to Albert - the roof has had some coats applied.

Colin's gaudy van

Grey satin finish roof

"Red-oxide" roof at the stern

Later in the week Colin applied the first of the gloss coats to the cabin side and sent me a video. It shows the stern section where the base coat is black. This part of the cabin sides will be scumbled and sign-writing added. It looks shiny! Most of what you can see is the reflection of the sides of the dock building and the companion ways.


With today being one of those glorious bright sunny and very cold winter's days, we went for a walk along the Ouse Valley towards Cosgrove and then back across the Iron Trunk. With temperatures hovering around 2 °C we were luckily the wind wan't strong otherwise the wind chill would have been very high. Later on this week we may get snow.

The Re-watered Section of the Buckingham Arm
Same Spot 2011

We walked across the fields from the River Ouse to the Buckingham Arm where the Buckingham Canal Society are doing a great job at restoration. A section of the arm that extends towards Old Stratford is now in water and they are in the middle of rebuilding Bridge 1.

Bridge Rebuilding

A Sunny Day at the Junction

The Iron Trunk looked spectacular in the winter sun. The repainting and refurbishment a few years ago makes it look smart. I noticed the aqueduct was dripping a little in places.

Iron Trunk in the Winter's Sun