London Cable Car across the Thames at Night

Last weekend, on our way to an event in the East End of London, we crossed the Thames with Lucy and Chris on the new Tfl cable car (also known as the Emirates Air Line) that was installed just in time for the Olympics.

Below us the river was swirling. The views in the dark were spectacular, particlarly of The O2 (formerly The Millenium Dome) and the Excel Arena. In the distance was the Thames Barrier and we could see Canary Wharf clearly.

I hope you enjoy the video and the chit-chat going on; Maggie has a vivid sense of imagination.

Click here for technical details of the project.

Here is another video, this time going both ways in dailylight, and 4X speed, from the Emirates Air Line web site.

Christmas Lights Stony Stratford

The Christmas season has well and truly arrived. Yesterday the was the "Switch On" day for the Stony Stratford Christmas lights. This is the 50th anniversary of the event.  The big feature of the switch on event is the parade of lanterns - this year with a strong nautical theme.

The Rose & Castle Morris, based at Stoke Bruerne, performed in the afternoon and joined the parade. Their bass drum was used to set the marching rhythm. It looked magnificent.

The lights in Stony Stratford High Street

Kiddies Roundabout

Lantern Parade
Shark and Octopus
Starfish, seahorses and octopus
Wonderful Bass Drum from the Rose & Castle Morris
Next weekend it will be the parade of illuminated boats at Stoke Breurne.