Baxter's Dry Dock

Took Albert into the dry dock at Yardley Gobion to have the hull blacked and the gunwhales repainted. We take the boat into dry dock every 2 years. The view above is of the partially drained dock before Jon and Ian started work.

We also took the opportunity to measure Albert's draft and inspect the rudder and stern gear. As usual a number of fresh water muscles were growing in the "quiet areas" on the hull.

The bow flare decoration was repainted by signwriter Colin Dundas. We think the compass and diamond features look better outlined in black.

Fenland Trip July & August 2006

We spent four weeks cruising the River Nene, Middle Level and the rivers Great Ouse and Cam.

This part of our blog is in two sections;
images posted on our return home;
text posted by mobile phone from the boat.

Grand Union Inbound

Near Wootton Lock on the Northampton Arm

Wet exit to Blisworth Tunnel Posted by Picasa

River Nene Inbound 2

Travelling with NB Moriarty

Rafted-up at Rushden & Diamonds FC moorings

View of Higham Ferrers

Weeds at Upper Wellingborough Lock Posted by Picasa

River Nene Inbound 1

Nene Valley Railway Wansford

Fotheringhay Church & Castle Mound

Secluded mooring at Fotheringhay

Wadenhoe Mill Posted by Picasa

Denver Sluice

High tide & wind

Looking across New Bedford River

First boat across to Salter's Lode Lock Posted by Picasa

River Cam

Baits Bite Lock

Jesus Lock, Cambridge

Jesus Green, Cambridge on a warm Sunday afternoon

Jesus Lock, the summer navigation limit Posted by Picasa

Wicken Lode

Reach Lode Lock

Wicken Lode

Wicken Fen Moorings

Wicken Fen Nature Reserve Posted by Picasa

Great Ouse


Upware EA moorings

Swans at Upware

Near Denver Posted by Picasa

Middle Level Outbound

Whittlesey Dyke


Windmill on River Nene Old Course

Upwell Posted by Picasa

River Nene Outbound 3

Water Newton Lock

Water Newton Lock - lots of water

Peterborough Embankment Posted by Picasa

River Nene Outbound 2

Denford Lock

Wadenhoe Church

Fotheringhay Church

Wansford in England Posted by Picasa

River Nene Outbound 1

Northampton - Barnes Meadow

Weston Favell Lock - our first guillotine gate lock (electric)

White Mills Lock - our first manual guillotine lock

Posted by Picasa