Waterways' Books

Here is a catalogue of my waterway's books. I mostly collect older books about rivers and canals, but not exclusively. I am particularly keen on early leisure cruising.

Below you will find an abbreviated list of my books; I haven't included publisher and edition details. Although I have included booklets in the list I havn't included cruising guides such as Nicholson and Pearson.

In some cases have more than one copy of books. Sometimes, as with Tom Rolt's Narrow Boat, it's because I wanted to own various editions, in some cases it's because it's convenient to keep a copy at home and another on the boat.

I hope you find the list useful. The most complete list of waterways books I know is compiled by Jim Sheed. I only rarely find books that are not in his list.

Books that have related posts on this site have links.

1-Peter-Ackroyd---Thames, Sacred River-2007

3-Robert-Aickman---Know Your Waterways-1963

4-Roger-Alsop-Graham-Dodkins-Working Boats-1988

18-Anon---Canals & Inland Waterways-1996

19-Anon---The Port of London-1963?

20-Anon---Cruising on the Trent & Mersey Canal Part 1-?

21-Anon---Canals and Waterways-2005

23-Anon---Boats & Waterways-c1950

24-Peter-Ashley---Grand Unions-2002

25-Paul-Atterbury---Exploring Britain's Waterways-1994

29-Gordon-Biddle---Penine Waterway-1977

30-David-Blagrove---At the Heart of the Waterways-2003

31-David-Blagrove---The Inland Waterways Association-2006

32-David-Blagrove---Waterways of Northamptonshire-1990

33-David-Blagrove---Bread upon the Waters-2003

35-P-Bonthron---My Holidays on the Inland Waterways-1919

36-Julia-Bradbury---Canal Walks-2011

38-Anthony-Burton---Thomas Telford-1999

39-Anthony-Burton---The Canal Builders-1993

40-Anthony-Burton---Canal Mania-1993

41-Anthony-Burton---The Canal Builders-2005

42-Anthony-Burton-Neil-Curtis-The Grand Union Canal Walk-1993

43-Anthony-Burton---The Great Days of the Canals-1995

46-Roger-Calvert---Inland Waterways of Britain-1963

47-David-Carden---The Anderton Lift-2000

49-Tom-Chaplin---The Narrow Boat Book-1978

50-Tom-Chaplin---A Short History of the Narrow Boat-1967

51-Kenneth-Clew---The Kennet & Avon Canal-1973

52-Kenneth-Clew---The Dorset & Somerset Canal-1971

53-Hugh-Compton---The Oxford Canal-1976

54-Nick-Corble---Waterside Walks in Buckinghamshire-2004

55-Euan-Corrie---Waterside Walks-1998

56--Dalby---The Wilts & Berks Canal-1986

57-Terry-Darlington---Narrow Dog to Carcassonne-2006

58-Terry-Darlington---Narrow Dog to Indian River-2008

59-Eric-De Maré---Your Book of the Waterways-1965

60-Eric-De Maré---The Canals of England-1950

62-Henry Rodolph-De Salis---Bradshaw's Canals & Navigable Rivers of England & Wales-1928

63-Henry Rodolph-De Salis---Bradshaw's Canals & Navigable Rivers of England & Wales-1969

64-Martin-Denney---London & South-East England-1980

67-Alan-Falkner---The Grand Junction Canal-1972

68-John-Gagg---250 Waterway Landmarks-1976

69-John-Gagg---Book of Locks-1975

70-John-Gagg---Canal Tunnels-1976

71-John-Gagg---Canals in Camera-1970

72-John-Gagg---Canals in Camera 2-1971

73-John-Gagg---Canals in Camera 2-1971

74-John-Gagg---Observers book of Canals-1982

75-Eily-Gayford---The Amateur Boatwomen-1973

76-DD-Gladwin---Victorian Edwardian Canals from Old Photographs-1976

77-DD-Gladwin---The Waterways of Britain-1976

78-Charles-Hadfield---British Canals-1984

79-Charles-Hadfield---British Canals-1974

81-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of South West England-1967

82-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of Yorkshire and North East England-1972

83-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of Yorkshire and North East England-1973

84-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of North West England-1970

85-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of North West England-1970

86-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of Southern England-1955

87-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of the East Midlands-1970

88-Charles-Hadfield-Michael-Streat-Holiday Cruising on Inland Waterways-1968

89-Charles-Hadfield-John-Norris-Waterways to Stratford-1962

90-Charles-Hadfield---The Canals of West Midlands-1969

91-John-Hankinson---Canal Cruising-1967

92-Helen-Harris-Monica-Ellis-The Bude Canal-1972

93-Helen-Harris---The Grand Western Canal-1973

94-John M-Hill---Colours for Cruisers-1992

95-John M-Hill---From Stem to Stern-1989

96-Bryan-Hodgson-Linda-Bartlett-Exploring England's Canals-1974

97-Julian-Holland---Canal Recollections-2002

98-Humphrey-Household---The Thames & Severn Canal-1969

99-Carolyn-Hutchings---The Story of Our Canals-1975

101-Josephine-Jeremiah---The River Nene-2003

102-Colin M-Jones---The Fender Book-1996

103-John-Kempley---In the Wake of the Flower of Gloster-2004

104-John-Knill---John Knill's Navy-1998

105-Avril-Lansdell---Canal Arts & Crafts-1994

106-Peter-Lead---Historic Waterways Scenes-1993

107-Tony-Lewery---Narrow Boat Painting-1993

108-Tony-Lewery---Flowers Afloat-1996

109-Jean-Lindsay---The Trent & Mersey Canal-1979

111-Mike-Lucas---I'd Go Back Tomorrow-2001

112-Mike-Lucas---Waterside Pubs-2008

113-Ian-Mackersey---Tom Rolt and the Cressy Years-1991

114-Alexander James-Mackinnon---The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow-2002

115-Martin-Marix Evans-Robert-Reichenfeld-Canals of England-1994

117-Douglas-Mass---Inland Waterways Boat Listing-1997

118-Hugh-Mc Knight---Inland Waterways-1978

119-Hugh-Mc Knight---Canal River Craft-1969

120-Hugh-Mc Knight---Slow Boat through France-1991

121-Hugh-McKnight---Canal and River Craft-1969

122-Denis-Needham---Canals & Waterways-2000

123-John-O'Connor---Canals Barges and People-1950

124-David-Owen---Exploring England by Canal-1986

125-Edward William-Paget-Tomlinson--Britain's Canal & River Craft-1993

126-Edward William-Paget-Tomlinson--Colours of the Cut-2005

128-Hugh-Potter---The Last Number Ones-2007

129-Joseph-Priestley---Priestley's Navigable Rivers and Canals-1969

131-Tom-Rolt---The Inland Waterways of England-1950

132-Tom-Rolt---The Landscape Trilogy - The Autobiography of LTC Rolt-2001

133-Tom-Rolt---Narrow Boat-1957

134-Tom-Rolt---Narrow Boat-1946

135-Tom-Rolt---Narrow Boat-1994

139-Tom-Rolt---Navigable Waterways-1969

141-Earnest-Ryan---The Thames from the Towpath-1938

142-John-Seymour---Voyage Into England-1966

143-Ray-Shill---Birmingham's Canals-1999

144-Samuel-Smiles---James Brindley and the early engineers-1999

145-Herbert-Smith---Through the Kennet & Avon Canal by Motor Boat-1929

146-Emma-Smith---Maidens' Trip-1993

148-Philip-Stevens---The Leicester Line-1972

149-Peter-Stevenson---The Nutbrook Canal-1970

150-E-Temple Thurston---The "Flower of Gloster"-1911

151-Michael E-Ware---Britain's Lost Waterways 1-1979

152-Michael E-Ware---Britain's Lost Waterways 2-1979

153-Michael E-Ware---Canals & Waterways-1987

154-Tim-Wilkinson---Hold on a Minute-2001

155-Ian-Wilson---The Grand Union Canal-2004

156-Andy-Wood---Britannia Rules the Cut-2009

158-Anne-Young---Paint Roses and Castles-1992

159-William-Young-Bryan-Dudley Stamp-Bude Canal-2009


160-PJG Ransom-The Archeology of Canals-1979

161-Stuart Fisher -Canals of Britain-2009

162-Johnathan Morse-Waterways of Britain-2010