Braunston Locks Video

On April 12th we had a day around Braunston with Mike & Juliet Peet. Mike took some video clips on his digital camera as we went down the Braunston flight. Below is a video I constructed from his clips. As you will see one of the paddle mechanisms was very stiff! It was also quite a windy day as you will hear from the noise on the audio.

Steve Parkin

A Very Short Trip!

We took Albert out from the marina onto the cut to sit in the sun, listened to the last day of the Premier League on the radio, read the sunday supplements, and polished the brass. We certainly took full advantage of the great weather.

As we left the marina, and hailed Jon of Baxter's Boat Services, we noticed the smart new sign to Kingfisher Marina. Art work courtesy of Colin Dundas.

We turned at the Navigation, Cosgove and noticed the sign advertising the proposed marina. New marinas are sprouting up everywhere!

Thames Cruising 1963

Whilst looking for some photographs in the family archive, otherwise known as the collection of old shoe boxes under the bed in the spare room, I came across a series of black & white photographs of a boating holiday with my parents on a Thames hire cruiser in summer 1963. This was my first exposure to the joys of river motor boating.

I can't recall much of the trip, after all it was 45 years ago, but I can recall I enjoyed steering the boat. After steering rowing eights and fours at Llandaff Rowing Club, I remember finding that the wooden cruiser wasn't too difficult.

Steve's father Sam, Steve and Muriel III

We hired the boat from the Kingston area. The wooden cabin cruiser had two cabins and a clumsy folding roof to the centre cockpit. It is interesting to note from the photographs that the hirer was a member of the THCA (Thames Hire Cruiser Association). The association still exists; it appears to be associated with the British Marine Federation. The boat looks a bit primitive compared to modern hire cruisers and the two gas bottles on the stern deck look a bit exposed.

Henley on Thames, with the brewery chimney in smoke.

We managed to get as far upstream as Henley, which was an obvious aim for a family with rowing interests. Henley was also where my father had spent some time in the 1950's receiving his management education (Greenlands Administrative Staff College now Henley Management College).

Thames Lock, with Steve and his mother Rose onboard.

Happy memories!
Steve Parkin