A Bit of a Gap

It's been quite some time since a post. With Albert safely moored at "home" in Yardley Gobion not much boating related has happened. The only small boat-related kerfuffle occurred when I discovered that our land line (240 volt) meter had failed and sunk Albert's domestic batteries. When I put a multimeter across them I got 4.5 v, whoops. Brian, the new caretaker at Kingfisher soon sorted us out and the batteries are now back up to full charge. I hope (presume) that the domestic batteries are back to normal. Maybe the deep-cycle has been a positive thing - who knows.

As an aside, it's interesting the additional batteries on board that provide power to the fridge, mains sockets (via an inverter), and lights are often referred to as "leisure" batteries giving the misapprehension that they are some how optional or perhaps unimportant. It's clear that they are important to today's boaters but obviously a battery bank isolated from the important task of starting the main engine must take second place. I must remember to call them domestic and hope that they are still "happy"!
Austin Seven RN Saloon 1932 and proud owner

 So to catch up on a couple of things. Firstly, I must report on my new passion - my "baby little Austin Seven". In the autumn I manged to buy a 1932 Austin Seven RN Saloon from a friend in Stony Stratford. My first car, purchased in 1965 was an 1936 Austin Seven Special. I met Maggie whilst putting it back together and the marque has retained a special place in our hearts (but particularly mine). I just had to buy it. This has meant time fettling it - notably improving its brakes which were always the Achilles heel of the design. The car was named Harvey by an earlier owner. Harvey attended the New Years day Vintage Car event just down Watling Street at Stony Stratford. It felt strange sharing the "stage" - in this case the Market Square - with such exotic machinery as Brough Superior cars (and bikes), Buggatti, Alvis and Bentleys. Not to mention an ERA E type!

I don't think I could sustain a vintage car blog so I may drop in the odd item in this blog. The annual event at Stoke Bruerne (Village at War) may bring both passions together.

Whilst at Stony I noticed a significan canal-related Red Plaque.