The Globe Inn, Old Linslade

After yesterday's sun today was cloudy and dull. It even briefly rained, although not for long enough to help gardens and the grass grow.

Before we left Great Linford we were treated to BW contractors "cutting" the grass. Well that was what they were supposed to be doing. The only problem was there was no grass to cut! I actually thought the operator of the mower was just transporting his mower along the towpath using the engine. But when I saw that he was followed by two other operatives strimming, I realised he was actually at work. What a complete was of time and money! To add insult to injury one of the strimmers did not stop strimming the canal edge alongside our boat and showered Albert with grass cuttings. It was just as well he didn't pick up any stones! I have seen BW mowing gangs stop operating as boats pass. This gang couldn't even stop strimming right up against our boat.

Following our grass showering, we washed Albert and then had a pleasant trip through Milton Keynes. We moored up for lunch at Fenny Stratford close to two interesting distance markers indicating places that are far apart.

Distance to the Thames (presumably at Brentford)

Lock distance marker

When we got to Stoke Hammond lock we met NB Benbecca who was single-handed. He joined us going up the three locks at Soulbury.

Stoke Hammond Lock looking pretty in autumn sunshine

We had planned to moor close by the winding hole at Old Linslade where the canal widens. It is one of our favourite spots. Unfortunately the pound was low and it is now badly silted and in need of dredging. We tried morring exactly where were did on our trip in 2007 but we went aground several feet out from the bank and it took a considerable effort to get us off. We tried and failed to moor at two other spots close by because we went aground again. Eventually we tried mooring at The Globe and finally succeeded, although even there our first attempt failed.

Albert moored at Old Linslade in April 2007 - exactly the same spot where we went aground in 2009!

It strikes me that BW should pay a bit more attention to their dredging and have tighter control of the their mowing contractors. The Linslade pound is only down by around six inches (see below), heaven help us if it really gets dry!

And this drop caused us mooring problems

Fun small boat!