Sunday August 5

Glorious weather. Lots of boats in Braunston tunnel but our trip through was fine apart from one boat who decided that it was a great idea to station one of their crew at the bows to point their tunnel light in all directions including the eyes of oncoming steerers. I suppose they wanted to test how good we are at steering blind!

Our short cruise to Braunston took a lot longer than expected with long queues at Braunston top lock. The line of boats extended back to the tunnel. This wasn't helped by the recent land slip which has closed part of the towpath. Met NB Warrior going up the flight. Exchanged a few quick words with Sarah about blogs as she entered lock two.

Long queues for the Braunston Top Lock

Moored up close to the Millhouse and polished Albert's brass and watched the boating world go by on a warm summer Sunday. There are far worse things to do.

Steve had an Admans tonight and Maggie accidentally graduated to pint of Strongbow. She wishes to point out that last night she was drinking Old Rosie not Old Rose - its from Westons of Much Markle and very nice - only 7.5 %! .

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