Tuesday August 14

The morning was wet and windy but not on the severe warning scale predicted by the BBC weather forecast. Emily (Parkin) and her housemate Kate came from Swindon and joined us at Kelmscott. When Steve met them outside Kelmscott Manor he found a couple who had stayed overnight in a camper van outside the manor in the hope of making a visit. They were mortified to find it closed because of the floods.

After consultation with lock keepers we decided that the weather was good enough to move up to Lechlade, Emily renewed her steering skills taking Albert around some very tight bends against a strong stream and head wind. She thought the effort of steering was akin to a workout with weights! Moored up near Halfpenny Bridge.

Albert at Lechlade

Enjoyed the rest of the day around Lechlade. Lunch at the Red Lion and then some time browsing in the shops. One antique market was particularly good. Steve found a 1903 first edition book about the Upper Thames and the Cotswolds. It includes many references to William Morris and charming engraving of a narrowboat being unloaded.

After Emily and Kate left for Swindon the Parkins and the Winters went into Lechlade again, this time for dinner at the New Inn Hotel. Good food. Tomorrow morning we will visit the head of navigation at Inglesham and then go downstream towards Oxford.

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