Stoke Bruerne

Wednesday, August 22

The weather improved although the breeze was stiff. Went down the first part of the Buckby flight with a boat that moors at High House but we caught up with a single-handed boat so they joined that boat and, having a larger crew and and a pair following, we continued alone. Some tricky boating near the bottom lock with water levels out of balance and some letting down of water required.

Stopped off at Weedon for lunch where we met Tony Ball on Th'Ilson Giant who had broken down. His Lister JP3 needed a new big-end. He reminded Steve how to tie proper knots. Edward bought a clock from Tony that had been converted from a pressure guage and had the Ruston & Hornsby logo. It made a great present and now has pride of place in the back cabin.

Visited the Antique Hypermarket where we bought a set of Staffordshire Victorian jugs for home and a replacement for a jug we broke on Albert some years ago on the Trent & Mersey.

The good(ish) weather continued to Blisworth. We made our quickest ever transit of Blisworth Tunnel. Completely clear of boats. Unususual for August even at six in the evening. No problem with mooring above Stoke Bruerne Top Lock.

That night we finished our mammouth game of Chicken Scratch dominoes (otherwise known as Chicken Foot). Maggie won, Edward was second, and Anne third and Steve was last. Because we use a double twelve set of dominoes games can take several days to finish. Maggie attributes her success to skill. The rest of us have other ideas!