Wormleighton (return trip)

Sunday August 19

Another damp day. We left Cropredy just after two other boats so going up the locks to the summit was slow. However, there was only some occasional light drizzle to contend with. The ascent up the Claydon flight was delayed a little by a hire boat going in front not bothering to tell a boat descending that there was a boat coming up behind. As a result we had a queue in one of the short but twisting lock pounds.

Got a pump-out and fuel at Fenny Compton Wharf. It was interesting when a hire boat came around the bend on the wrong side of the bend and met a boat passing the wharf. It took the intervention of a boater at the wharf to clear the way. He jumped on board hire boat and took control. The result was lots of reversing and manoeuvring.

The rain came down heavily in the afternoon. We takled the Wormleighton bends. On the sharpest bend on the summit we met a boat at the bridge hole in the pouring rain and wind. It took a lot of power to stop Albert - but we did. Sometimes you wonder how boats manage to meet at the most difficult points on the system.

Moored up near bridge 130 where there are usually great views but in the rain you can't see very far. Great cream tea on board for Anne and Edward's 35th anniversary. Champagne to come! Getting dark early. Oh dear it already feels like autumn boating.

Cream tea aboard

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