Long Buckby

Autumn boating. We decided to have a short trip northwards to test out our kitten Daisy.

Daisy onboard Albert

We left Yardley Gobion yesterday around midday; it took us a while to get sorted. It was probably getting all Daisy's equipment together that slowed us up. The weather was good as we left but it soon clouded over and we haven't seen the sun since. At Stoke Bruerne bottom lock we met NB More who are friends of friends (Lin & Roy Healey). They were turning back halfway through a half term trip.

We went up the Stoke Bruerne flight with a boat with no name - sounds like a Clint Eastwood movie. The owner had a chocolate brown Labrador called Holly. There were lots of hire boats out for half term coming down the flight. With five boats in small pound together they made navigation interesting.

Stopped the night at Stoke Bruerne and went to the Boat Inn. Maggie enjoyed a half of cloudy cider (Heritage). Listened to a boaters story about their cat bringing in a full sized live duck into the boat through their cat flap. With some difficulty he pushed the duck straight back out he but wondered how the cat had managed it!

Daisy coped well, although she doesn't really go for the noise of the engine. Today the we tackled Blisworth tunnel; it was quiet. The trip to Whilton was really very pleasant. Went up the Buckby Flight with NB Pipsqueak and moored near the New Inn. Maggie can continue her cider survey tonight (Old Rosie). Tomorrow we try the Leicester Arm.

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