Narrowboat Banstead

Last May, when I wrote about the conversion of NB Lion, I published the photograph below taken by Maggie's Uncle, Ken Tremain, in about 1966. It shows the motor Banstead passing the Black Boy Inn near Knowle on the Grand Union. Banstead is a Harland & Wolff Large Woolwich (Town Class).

NB Banstead passing the Black Boy

It is interesting to note that NB Banstead is now up for sale on two web sites, Apollo Duck and boatsandoutboards. Banstead appears to be much refurbished and, from reading the advertisment, it appears it has a screen history as the motor boat in Harry H Corbett's film "The Bargee". I must get a copy of the film.

The photographs on her own web-site show her in good condition. I hope any new owner keeps her the same.

Steve Parkin