Heyford, Stoke Bruerne & Yardley Gobion

We had a pleasant trip down from Norton Junction and stayed over night at a quiet spot near Heyford. Met Mike Partridge on NB Jubilee at the bottom of Whilton flight and purchased a bag of coal and a bag of sticks. He was on his way to Braunston making deliveries to his "regulars".

On Thursday we travelled home via Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth Tunnel. As we passed Blisworth Tunnel Boats they asked us to take a set of lines (ropes) down to Stoke Bruerne for a boat that had left them earlier and left them behind. It appears they had a their hull blacked. So for a brief period we became canal carriers. The boat concerned, Kitty, was not where we expected (at the top lock) but as we went down the flight their crew appeared. It turned out that they had moored up at the bottom lock using their centre-line.

We also met Sarah McErlean and her family who were on an outing to Stoke Bruerne. We were able to take them down several locks and they also opened gates and operated the paddles. They appeared delighted. "Made our day!". Got back to our berth at Kingfisher Marina in high winds. Managed to make the difficult (135 degree) marina entrance no problems, probably because nobody was watching.

And what of Daisy, our cat? Throughout the journey she was fine. When the engine was on she stayed under the furniture, because she basically didn't like to sound of our Ruston & Hornsby. However, she was sociable and good natured in the evenings and when we were moored up. She particularly liked looking out of the windows and watching the ducks and moorhens. Now at home she is enjoying the garden and back to her usual routine, bothering the wildlife - so far without any impact.