Napton on the hill

Oxford Canal and Windmill, Napton on the Hill

You might have noticed that I used the full title of the village, more of this later.
We left Flecknoe mid-morning for Napton. We arrived about midday and turned at the winding hole just below the Napton flight then reversed onto a mooring just before the corner.

As we arrived at the mooring a Hebridean sheep was giving birth in the field opposite. The lamb took about an hour to arrive and we saw it struggle to its feet and take its first feed. We were privilaged to see it!

After lunch we walked into the village. We shopped in the local post office, visited the church, which sits on the top of the hill, and then walked up to the windmill. The views of Warwickshire and beyond from the top are stunning. Close to the summit is a rowan tree planted to commemorate a WWII observation unit that was based there and saw Coventry burn during the blitz.

Windmill at Napton

Went to the Folly Inn for pies in the evening. It was quiet, but then it was Monday. Their own brand beer was fine and the food was tasty. The bar had a collection of Estate Registers from Phipps Brewery in Northampton. The registers give details of all Phipps' property including pubs, and dates from the 1890s until the 1960s. Found out lots of details about pubs in our own village and others in South Northants and North Bucks. You would normally expect to find this sort of information in the County Record Office.