Narrow Dog from Llandaff

A few weeks ago Maggie was reading Terry Darlington's follow-up to Narrow Dog to Carcassone - Narrow Dog to Indian River. It covers Terry, Monica, and Jim as they travel along the Intracoastal Waterway in the US in their narrow boat Phyllis May. When she got to page 238 a name jumped out of the page - Dai Morgan in Llandaff who was a rowing partner of Terry. He is quoted as saying - "one slip boyo and your buggered".

I contacted Terry. It turns out that this is the same David Morgan (n.b. more formal) who was the Captain of Llandaff Rowing Club and whom I steered to victory as a cox in the 1959 regatta at Penarth. I sent Terry a photograph of Dai showing the moment were presented with the cup. He confirmed that not only was this the Dia Morgan (not exactly an unusul name in Cardiff) but that his brother was also rowing in Llandaff in the Maiden (Novice) Four B when I was coxing the Maiden Four A. It also appears that both Terry and I rowed in scratch races with the famous Commonwealth medal-winning Luke twins.

Now that Maggie has finished ND to Indian River I am delving into the mysteries of boating along the east coast of the USA and enjoying Terry's laconic humour. It is a good read! Good luck to the crew of Phyllis May with your British travels this summer.