The Grove, Watford

Tuesday (19/8) was a really wet day. Although it started in sunshine, when we went to Tesco in Rickmansworth, it soon deteriorated into heavy showers and finally continuous rain. It only really cleared up when we reached Grove where we moored for the night.

Batchworth Locks

Edward steering with the stern doors closed!

We went up locks with NB Felicitas, a boat that was exhibited at this year’s Crick Boat Show. The owners are started continuous cruising in April but hope to get winter moorings in Crick. We both took on water at Cassio Bridge Lock and Albert’s crew gathered blackberries during a gap in the showers.

Sampling blackberries at Casio Bridge Lock

We went up through Iron Bridge and Cassiobury Park Locks with hotel boat Wood Owl in the rain and moored up early by the bridge leading to the The Grove mansion. It looks a very impressive golf course.

Later in the afternoon NB Mr Heron joined us on the mooring. We are celebrating Anne and Edward’s wedding anniversary tonight with supper on board; the blackberries will come in handy.