Over the weekend we had a great time at the wedding of Holly Winter and Paul Stevens. However, we couldn’t completely get away from water as the wedding was held at Frensham Pond Hotel near Farnham. In our view the pond is certainly not a pond but a lake.

We were picked up by our friends Anne and Edward Winter (the MOB & FOB) on Friday (8/8) morning and left Albert in the hands of the National Trust (in a manner of speaking). In the afternoon we enjoyed a walk around the pond in bright sunshine. There were kids swimming and even a beach umbrella protecting a family from the sun. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t to last but it didn’t spoil the wedding celebrations on Saturday (9/8) at all. As with all good weddings it’s the people that make the event. Here is a picture of the bride and groom near the pond.

The new Mr & Mrs Stevens

On Sunday (10/8) morning we got a taxi back to Albert at Dapdune, winded and made our way back to Pyford. It was a pleasant trip largely in sunshine. The views near Send were again stunning and Newark Priory looked good in the sunshine.

Wey Navigation near Send

We paused at Trigg’s Lock for a sandwich and were caught up by a day boat from Guilford. We had looked forward to sharing the lock with them but when we saw the adults allowing their young children to jump off the roof of the boat onto Send Church footbridge and then back onto the roof of the boat again, all whilst the boat was moving, we decided not to go down that route! The adults on board thanked us for letting them through the lock but Steve told them in no uncertain terms that he considered their behaviour unacceptable and that was why we were not sharing the lock with them.

Their operation of the lock was hardly better. The children operated the paddles but left the windlasses on the spigots (at head height) while the lock filled. This is dangerous enough on canal locks where there are pawl catches but on the River Wey there are no pawls, only hydraulic pressure holds paddles up, and the water flows are significantly stronger. We saw the effects of an impact of a spinning windlass on an adult’s skull some years ago on the Grand Union and it was not pretty. The thought of this happening to a child are at the very least alarming.

We moored up for the night at Pyrford above the lock and in front of NB George. They had managed to reach the head of navigation at Goldalming but with the rains over the weekend reported that getting under Broadford Bridge (nominal 6ft draught) coming down stream was very tight.

Pyrford lock was very busy with boats and gongoozlers. It was a little like a summer Sunday afternoon at Stoke Bruerne Top Lock. The popularity of the Anchor Inn appears to be responsible. Having run down our provisions we visited the Anchor again and had another great meal.

Pyrford Lock, Sunday Afternoon