Stoke Hammond & Yardley Gobion

On Saturday (23/8) we travelled down to Stoke Hammond. We had good bright weather all day. As we took on water at Leighton Buzzard we met NB Frobisher, a converted Admiral class working boat.

We moored up above the Globe Inn for lunch and then went down Soulbury locks accompanied by Marge, a Sea Otter that was out for the weekend from Cheddington. Robin Smithett was busy photographing Wyvern Shipping hire boats arriving at the locks.

We moored up for the night above Stoke Hammond lock. We were then passed by a series of Wyvern Shipping boats out for the Bank Holiday weekend. As it got dark a hot air ballon landed close to the lock.

Hot air ballon landing near Stoke Hammond

On Sunday (24/8) morning we woke to rain and spent the rest of the morning travelling through Milton Keynes in light rain and mist. At one stage, just south of the city centre we had an interesting encounter with a large wide beam going south very slowly. This required boats going north to pull over into the bank. The crew of the narrow boat following them desribed their journey as like watching paint dry. We passed Granny Buttons close to Campbell Park. Andrew Denny appeared not to be on board. Perhaps he was shopping in Milton Keynes, or perhaps not.

By lunchtime the weather had improved and we moored up at Great Linford for lunch. The canal was very busy. Having spent a month around London where there was little traffic it came as a suprise.

As we approached Cosgrove Lock we met Janet Irons taking her dog Thea for a walk. They came on board for a short trip and a cup of tea. By the time we had arrived back at Kingfisher marina the weather had turned again and we unloaded the boat under gloomy skies.

We appear to have travelled 241 miles and negotioated 221 locks in our summer cruise. It was unforgetable. Now we shall be preparing Albert for her repaint in October.