Albert to get a repaint

We've been quite for a while but we have been getting organised to have Albert painted. We think Albert's green (Mason's Middle Coach Green) was applied when she was built and that was over the 14 years ago. Although it appears to have lasted very well it needs regular polishing and it's getting a little faded and thin. So we are going for Middle Coach Green again.

The roof, which was painted about 4 years ago in Mason's Chestnut, as an approximation to the red oxide roofs of traditional boats, has not lasted as well. The plan is to have the roof painted in grey but replace the stern scumbled section of the roof by Craftmasters Raddle Red. The Dulux Brushwood scumble has lasted well on the cabin sides and we will replace like with like. Unlike varnished scumbles it doesn't need regular maintenance. However, it was less successful on the roof where it cracked a little, probably as a result of more sun. This should keep the stern section looking decidedly traditional.

So at the moment Albert is in the dry dock at Baxters Boatfitting Services. Whilst there she will be blacked, have new anodes, and have new door hinges. Photographs will follow. She should be there for about three weeks.

After the repaint Colin Dundas will be doing the signwriting, the decoration and the scumble. We are aiming to go for a very traditional look with three panels - owners names and home "port", number one, and "Albert". We are also going for the full "Registered at Watford". With so many modern boats going away from traditional decoration I suppose we are making a statement, but we have to with a boat called Albert.

Which reminds me that this summer we saw Albert (No. 3) on the Thames at Kingston on two occasions. On the last we go a very cheery wave from the owner who indicated that they were "number three".