Signwriting Finished

We went to High House Wharf on Sunday morning to pick up Albert after Colin Dundas had finished the signwriting. Albert looks truly splendid! We are very pleased with both the painting (Baxters) and the signwriting.

The new style signwriting and scumbling look terrific. Colin's suggestion of outlining the scumbling in red worked very well. The scumbling has been done in Dulux Brushwood, as before. Colin used one base coat (acrylic)and two top coats. The first top coat is scumbled (combed etc) and the second is used to provide protection an a darker colour. We chose the English Oak colour.

The finished job (with proud owner and signwriter)

As usual Colin has been very clever ensuring that the panels are "complete" even when the engine room doors are open. This is particularly important to us since we normally run with doors open.

The "Albert" panel with engine doors open

Our name and "No. 1" panels

We will need to start polishing the brass once we have good weather. At the moment it puts the painting to shame.

The weather forecast for Sunday morning wasn't good but turned out bright and windy. Just as we left we found that fellow bloggers NB Hadar were moored up just behind us. They were breasted-up against another boat. Unfortunately we had no time to stop and chat (if they were on board).

We had no problems until we got to Stoke Bruerne, although it was slow going through an angling match near Bugbrooke; we were thanked for slowing down.

Coming out of Blisworth Tunnel it started raining and it just got harder and harder. There were even had some hailstones. We managed to pick up NB That'll Do at the second lock down and had help with the locks from the skipper of NB Buster who was moored up for the night in the Long Pound. He moors at Kingfisher Marina and offered to help when we met at the customary bonfire night barbeque on Saturday night.

Stoke Bruerne flight in the pouring rain (and some hail)!

The River Tove was in spate again and the side weirs were overflowing even more than last weekend. We eventually got back to our berth just before dark. Jon Munk popped his head out and welcomed us home with the obvious comment about the weather being suitable for boating!

Bow details - at high water

Today it appears that they have closed both Stoke Bruerne flight and Cosgrove lock because of flooding. The water level in Kingfisher Marina is very high.