Water Cans (or Buckby Cans)

We own two water (or Buckby) cans. One, painted by Ron Hough, was a 50th birthday present from Maggie to me. It displays the name of our first boat - "BERTIE". The other was largely painted by the first owner of Albert but Maggie added some more flowers and decoration and I put on the name.

When we had the boat painted the water cans, which we are in the habit of placing on the roof in all-weathers, looked a bit scrappy. Although we chain them on they had suffered some tree-damage and, over around 10 years, there was also a certain amount of crazing caused by the sun. This was especially true on the lids and particularly on the white roses. I also decided that my amateurish sign writing looked out of place with our new paint scheme. As a result, I decided to renovate both cans, get Maggie to refresh the flowers, and then get Colin Dundas to signwrite "ALBERT" on the can.

Colin did a great job and used a similar typeface to the one he developed for the cabin sides.

Water cans

Steve Parkin