Albert's Blog passes a milestone

Since November 2006 we have been running a sitemeter on our blog. This week it passed a milestone - our 10,000th visitor. We are not exactly a big hitter in terms of canal/waterways blogs, but most of the really popular blogs are published by continuous cruisers.

We got a lot of hits courtesy of Granny Buttons when Andrew Denny ran a feature about the conversion of NB Lion. Also, we recently got some heavy hitting when Andrew used my You Tube video about locking techniques in one of his posts. Unlike someone who recently left comments on Granny's blog complaining that Andrew had stolen his video, I was very pleased. It appears that Granny is very influential. More power to Andrew's elbow.

So what of the 10,000th hit? It appears to have originated from Holland.

Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year if we don't manage to get on-line again.

I have it in mind to write about a couple of other old cruising books I have recently read, but we might go boating over New Year if ice doesn't come. We're thinking about a grand cruise of the North this coming year.