Mouse eats Mouse!

I know this blog doesn't have much to do with boating but I couldn't resist posting about an event which happened in the Parkin household this week.

Earlier this week, I noticed that the rubber coating on the thumb-wheel of my wireless mouse was crumbling. Over a couple of days it crumbled away completely with black bits of rubber littering my desk. As a result I ordered a new mouse from Dell. I didn't particularly have any idea of what caused the rubber to fail, but I assumed it had just perished.

Dell wireless mouse with poorly thumb-wheel

As you may know, if you have read some of our posts about taking cats boating, we have a young cat called Daisy. Below is a picture of Daisy in the snow of a couple of weeks ago.

Daisy in the snow

Daisy has just reached that stage when she likes to bring wildlife indoors. This week it was a mouse. We discovered it when she began staring intently under a chair in the corner of the kitchen. The mouse had survived capture by Daisy without damage, but we had to scramble under furniture to catch it and put it outside.

Then today I discovered my rubber eraser, hidden behind my computer monitor, had been eaten away and suddenly it all made sense!

Chewed rubber eraser!

It was obvious that my computer mouse thumb-wheel had been eaten by a mouse.

A case of MOUSE EATS MOUSE! Presumably it likes rubber.

We hope it was just the mouse we found earlier in the week and not another of its friends, otherwise we might be in for an interesting time!