Parrots by the Thames

Our two daughters both live near to West London so we are familiar with the colonies of parrots that inhabit the area close to the Thames. We first discovered them back in 2003 when boating through Richmond early on a bright summer's morning.

I therefore wasn't suprised when today, as I was sitting on a bench near the river in Walton, I saw two parrots in a nearby willow tree. They were making a great noise and enjoying the spring sunshine.

What was unusual about today's encounter was that they didn't dart off when I first approached them. So I took the opportunity of taking my first Thames Parrot Picture using my Nokia N95. I have had to crop and enlarge the picture but I am quite pleased with the result. Shame I didn't have my SLR handy.

For details of the birds try this web site.

A pair of Ring-necked Parakeets (Psittacula krameri) in a willow tree, Walton-on-Thames