Cement Shoes at Stoke Bruerne!

Hollywood legend has it that the Mafia disposed of their opponents by setting their feet in cement and throwing them into a lake or the sea. It appears that we may have a offshoot of the Cosa Nostra in Northants. Last week as we were going down the Stoke Bruerne flight, I pushed off our boat Albert from the wall of a lock pound and found that I was pushing against another pair shoes set into the wall. I presume that they are not attached to legs!

Cement shoes at Stoke Bruerne Locks

Interesting that they aren't actually a pair, but then I suppose lost shoes rarely do occur in pairs.

A few years ago when we visited Walney Island Nature Reserve one of the volunteers, who was always finding trainers washed up on the beach, offered the profound thought “I never find them in pairs – I wonder what happens to the other half?”.