To Hillmorton (May 5)

Today the weather improved although it took until the evening until we saw sunshine. With only Sutton Stop Lock to negotiate, it was a day of putting on the miles to make sure we get home on schedule. Yesterday Steve spent the afternoon examining the gardens at Amington, today he spent the morning looking at the amazing variety of allotments in Nuneaton. Just how many canalside allotments are there in Nuneaton? There appear to be hundreds. (Answers on a postcard to ..)

A relic from the past near Hartshill

We contemplated pausing for lunch at Sutton Stop but decided to press on, particularly since there are not any convenient moorings around Hawkesbury Junction.

Police facility - Hawkesbury Junction

At Stretton Stop we stopped briefly for milk and let NB Golden Valley come past. Just before Newbold Tunnel, by the junction with the disused Newbold Arm, we passed another Albert on her home moorings. We have moored here overnight twice.

Another Albert, Newbold

Newbold Tunnel Illuminations

Maggie decided to walk the towpath near Rugby. A young lad was trying to impress his even younger friends with his mini motorbike. They were being reasonably careful but they disappeared after Steve photographed them. Towpaths are certainly not appropriate places for motorbikes but I suppose we should be grateful that at least they were not on the roads.

Mini Motorbike, Rugby

We finally moored up for the night after nine hours boating just below Hillmorton Locks. A few moments ago, (8:30) working boat Towcester loaded with coal and skippered by Julia Cook, passed us and gave us a cheery wave. We are getting close to home.