To Yardley Gobion (May 7)

It was a windy day. The trip down to Blisworth was relatively uneventful although we did see a kingfisher by Gayton Junction. Raymond and Nutfield were moored up at the junction and Steve Miles was onboard.

Restored working boat Raymond

The journey through Blisworth Tunnel was very straightforward with no boats coming the other way. As we reached the end we began to notice people peering around the corner of the towpath to see how we were progressing. A small group of visitors we clustered around the portal. No doubt the sound of a boat approaching through the tunnel had intrigued them.

There were very few boats moored up at Stoke Bruerne so we were able to moor up close to the museum for lunch and enjoy the sunshine. As we entered to the top lock of the Stoke Bruerne flight our friend Shirley Emmins dashed across from the Boat Inn. She and her friend Jo were having a walk around Stoke Bruerne and had just finished their lunch. We gave them an introduction to locks and locking and gave them a trip on Albert along the Long Pound.

It remained windy all the way to Yardley Gobion and getting into Kingfisher Marina was challenging. We did manage to get Albert cleanly into her berth in a strong crosswind, but that was probably because nobody was watching. We were greeted home by Kingfisher’s permanent moorers Ralph and Betty. We then had the task of unpacking the boat.

It has been a memorable trip and Albert has performed well.