Engine Decoke

On the advice of Phil Lizius, from Longboat Engineering, who is a Ruston & Hornsby (Greaves) expert, I decided to decoke Albert's engine.

The engine has recently not sounded as crisp as it once did, particularly on tick-over. According to the engine-hour meter our R&H 2YWM has done around 2,250 hours. Around 1,300 hrs have been put onto the clock since 2003 when Albert has been in our ownership.

Phil came to listen to our engine on Saturday when we were at Stoke Bruerne and he recommended a decoke. Removing the exhaust manifold was not difficult. Once I had removed it I wished I had carried out a decoke a lot earlier. The rear exhaust port was very blocked! Below is a picture. You should be able to see the outline of the port. It appears to have only a third of its area open.

A blocked rear exhaust port

The front exhaust port was OK so we must have been running on about one and a third cylinders. Now she sounds fine.