Rochdale Canal

Although our "canal sparse" summer continues because of other commitments, we did manage a short walk along the Rochdale Canal near Oldham. We were at the 90th birthday of Steve's uncle and had a spare hour before the celebrations began. Steve's uncle and aunt live in New Moston in Manchester close to the Rochdale and have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

It was interesting to see how Rochdale had been re-built as it passes under the M60. We got down to the towpath by the Barge and Horse pub and walked about half a mile towards Rochdale. We we struck by the total lack of any boat activity at 10 o'clock in the morning, but then I suppose with only two boats a day permitted to cross the summit in each direction at the moment because of water shortages, I suppose it is hardly surprising. The water level was quite low even here and there was quite a lot of floating weed. It was somewhat reminiscent of the some of the quiet areas of the BCN.

Well so much for "passive" canal visiting. We have managed to squeeze in a short trip on Albert this weekend to the 25th aniversary of the tunnel re-opening. Should be fun.

We intend to take Albert out for a week in October.