Ships in the landscape and at sea

Today the weather cleared and visibility from St Anthony Head was very good. This morning the six vessels waiting for orders are now down to five. The Methania appears to have gone, however the Falmouth Port website shows that she will be back on Friday. The MV Ormond is being bunkered in the bay.

We took a trip to Trelissick Gardens, the excellent National Trust Gardens close to King Harry Ferry on the River Fal. As always there were ships "mothballed" upstream of the ferry. Given the narrow nature of the channel, they appear to dwarf the surroundings.

The new King Harry Chain Ferry on the River Fal

The ferry is new with glass sides and glass observation panels so the moving chains can be seen.

Just some of the ships anchored by King Harry Ferry

The view of the ships from Trelissick is almost surreal.

Ships in the landscape, King Harry Ferry
(Tregothnan estate is on the the hill)

In the evening, from our vantage point on St Anthony Head, we saw a UK Border Agency (formerly HM Customs) cutter race across Falmouth Bay and overhaul a former fishing boat heading for the Helford River. The Border Agency crew boarded the boat using an inflatable but she continued her journey. It appears that there are five similar Border Agency cutters operating around the UK. We also watched the coastguard ship Anglian Princess enter port. Appropriately enough she is registered in Lowestoft.