Wendover Arm

After Saturday night's gales we woke on Sunday morning to a calm warm autumn day. We climbed the Marsworth flight with NB Pond Life and then turned down the Wendover Arm. We had been warned that it was narrow and shallow, so we took it easy.

Autumn colours on the Wendover Arm

The bend by Heygates Mill was tight but just after the feeder, where Pearson marks a 60ft winding hole, it got very shallow. As a result we ran aground in the channel. We gave way to a following Springer (V-section hull) who encouraged us to persist.

Passing Heygates Flour Mill

After carefully making our way along the shallow section at tick-over we made it to the old stop lock and the Tringford pumping station. The water level was about a foot down. Just as we passed the pumping station it began pumping! The newly restored section was much easier. We got to the the final corner, turned in the winding hole and moored up for the day. It is a delightful spot!

Wendover Arm Terminus

In the afternoon we investigated the rest of the arm that is being restored by the Wendover Arm Trust. They were hard at work on a Sunday. We watched them struggle to reinstate a very dry bank. The whole restoration is very impressive. It was also interesting seeing them use a clay-filled fabric liner.

Wendover Arm Trust volunteers laying the canal liner

The level of sponsorship is impressive. There is a plaque commemorating Tim Wilkinson's bequest at the present terminus and numerous small plates on the footbridges.

Badges and plaques

We walked as far as Aston Clinton and Green Park where there once was a Rothschild house.

Dappled shade along the disused Wendover Arm near Aston Clinton