Kingfisher Marina Extension (Further Progress)

We visited Albert today to see how she was bearing up to the cold weather (temperatures have been around -6 deg C overnight recently) and how the marina extension was progressing. The winter sun on the snow and ice made the whole place look very pretty despite all the mud!

View of the frozen cut at Yardley Gobion Wharf

The new extension is now in water and the pontoons are in place. The contractors appear to have made good progress. Because of the cold weather, unlike other recent visits to Albert, we didn't get muddy.

Marina extension in water (and ice!)

Snow on boat roofs

The ice was quite thick. Although there were signs that a boat had passed through Yardley Gobion yesterday, it was clear that nothing had passed today. When got onboard Albert she didn't move - not even cracking the ice. It is unnerving to get aboard a boat that is solid. You get used to the rocking movement.

Thick ice in Kingfisher Marina

Yardley Gobion Wharf certainly looks very festive in the snow.