Quality Lasts

We are very keen on William Morris, both in terms of the man and his art and the products that came from his company that are still being reproduced today. That is why in 2007 we refurnished Albert's saloon with William Morris Willow Bough curtains.

Around 25 years ago we furnished our lounge at home with William Morris Blackthorn curtains. Despite several decor changes they remained but finally we got more radical and late last year the full-length curtains finally went. However, quality lasts (they were in excellent condition) so we kept onto them.

It was then that we decided that they could have a new lease of life on Albert. In the bedroom area, which has a "four-poster style" bed, we had some chintz drapes and matching curtains. Maggie has now replaced them with new curtains made up from new gold-coloured lining but using the 25 year-old William Morris Blackthorn curtain fabric. No doubt that Maggie will soon be sourcing some new gold cushions to match.

Blackthorn Curtains

Blackthorn Drapes

The recent spring sun has showed them to good effect. Now we have a William Morris theme throughout the forward area on Albert. Don't think it will make it to the back cabin.

Maggie has also been involved with several other soft-furnishing projects, some through the Bramble Patch at Weedon. This Aladdin's cave for quilters and needleworkers is not far from the Grand Union. It is a short walk from the over-bridge by the church at Weedon Bec. They run courses and often have exhibitions.