After an evening in Teddington babysitting we slept onboard Albert. The morning was again sunny but this time the wind was from the south. The warmest weather of the year was predicted.

Canoeists having fun in part of Brentford Basin

GSK Headquarters at Brentford uses canal water for process cooling

As we left the basin the crew of NB Baron, the ex-FMC Steamer that yesterday had supplied us with Calor gas and coal, asked if we were going up the flight and could they join us. We were delighted. Firstly to share locks, and secondly to share with an historic boat that is still working commercially.

NB Baron making deliveries in Brentford Basin

Baron supplies coal,diesel and pump outs along the southern Grand Union and Regents Canals, mostly south of Denham. Baron is operated by PJ Wakeham & Son. She is sometimes moored up at Denhem Deep Lock. They had overnighted in the basin at Brentford and were working their way down to Camden.

Baron south of Hanwell

We had a great time sharing locks. Baron is powered by a three-cylinder Bolinder driving a three foot propeller. She has plenty of power but needs some draught. The section below Hanwell is not well dredged and she had some difficulties being relatively heavily laden. As a result she picked up rubbish around the prop.

Baron's three-cylinder Bolinder

Baron's pump out system

Baron's signwriting

Baron's cabin with traditional ribbon plates
(and traditional dust)

We worked up the Hanwell flight quite efficiently although we had to pause just below the first lock whilst Baron made an unscheduled diesel delivery to a boat that was very low on fuel.

Sharing a lock with Baron

The section to Cowley is characterised by long straights and with little or no boat traffic it can be, in fact, quite boring. Still one shouldn't complain too much since the weather was great.

A pair of contrasting fore-ends

Moored up just below Cowley lock and went to Malt Shovel. Good ale (Brains) and cider (Aspall) and good menu.