It was a bright but fresh day. We left Marlow around nine.

Passing through Marlow

Cookham reach was quiet with just the odd dog walker on the towpath and very little river traffic. At Cookham Lock we went through with two GRP cruisers and, for the first time since Oxford, we had to switch off our engine in a lock.

Cliveden from the River

We had good views of Cliveden from the reach below and moored up for lunch at Dorney just behind the Eton College boat houses on the new rowing course. This will be the site for the 2012 Olympic rowing competitions. Today it was a very windy spot with a north-westerly blowing directly down the course. It would be a challenge.

After lunch we went through Boveney Lock using self-service - our first on this trip. We have used Thames Locks without lock keepers before, but only manually operated. This requires some effort since the hydraulics need to be actuated by a large hand wheel wheel. Sandford Lock, just below Oxford, which we went through in 2004 we found to be very hard work - not to say exhausting. Now that power is left on, going through on self-service is a doddle. The next lock, Romney, was also unattended with the lock keeper altering sluices on the weir. As a result we went through our second lock on self-service.

Windsor Castle from the river

Going past the Royal Estates we noticed that they had increased the No Mooring signage.It is now a serious crime (under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005), not just a civil offence to moor up near Windsor Castle. Maggie did think the Crown Estate signs were a little grubby and that The Queen should put on her Marigolds and get them spic and span.

Signage along the river by the Royal Park at Windsor

Dutch Barges at Old Windsor

We moored up on the National Trust moorings near Magna Carta Island at Runnymede. We have moored up here twice before with our first boat Bertie. Two Egyptian geese passed by. We saw some in 2007 on the River Wey.

A pair of Egyptian geese at Runymede

According to the NT Warden who took our fees there are kingfishers nesting near here. We shall have to keep a look out for them.