On Thursday we left Walton and picked up our daughter Lucy and granddaughter Amelia at Shepperton for our trip down to Teddington. It was Ameila's first trip on the boat. We were a little worried about the noise of the engine upsetting Amelia but we need not have bothered. She was perfectly relaxed.

Lucy and Amelia enjoying the trip

On our trip around Desborough Island a kingfisher got very close to us and perched on branches as we passed by. The glorious sunshine continued. We got to Molesey Lock at lunch time so we went through on self-service. It was very slow, I suspect the opening of the sluices was restricted on safety grounds.

We moored up at Hampton Court. What a spot!

Hampton Court Mooring

Lucy's friend Laura and her daughter, Amelia's friend Charlotte, joined us for the trip down to Teddington. Both babies enjoyed a rest on our bed watching the reflection of the rippling water on the ceiling.

Babies on board

When we arrived at Teddington Lock, Emily brought along her pet house rabbit Zeus to meet us. He caused some interest with passers-by who at first assumed it was a small dog.

Rabbit on board