Thrupp and Enslow Wharf

On Easter Sunday we dropped down through Louse Lock (or as the BW board has it Isis Lock) onto Sheepwash Channel to turn around and go back north to wait for river levels to fall.

Winding was not very straightforward in the strong current coming down the channel, but we did manage it. Several hire crews were also turning their boats at the same time so it was quite busy. The hire boats were on weekend breaks and had to get back to either Lower Heyford or Eynsham.

Our journey out of Oxford was more pleasant than the one coming in since there was no heavy rain. Because we managed to catch up with another crew going north the problematic lift bridges were passed relatively easily. There were two people to hold down the bridge and together they weighed over the "magic" 14 stone that appears to be required - as the unofficial notice added in felt tip so correctly states.

It was dry and sunny all the way to Thrupp and we managed to moor up very conveniently on the 48 hour moorings close to The Boat. We spent the afternoon spring cleaning Albert - wet spring boating makes for a lot of mud.

We ate at The Jolly Boatman in the evening and thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Both pubs in Thrupp are certainly worth a visit.

On Easter Monday we left for Enslow where were are going to leave Albert for a few days whilst we wait for the Thames flows to subside. There are still lots of red boards all down the river.

Lots of Red!

Picking up water at Thrupp turn

As if to underline the problem, even the River Cherwell section on the Oxford Canal was high. Coming south both depth makers were only just in yellow (proceed with care) but going back north the marker at Shipton lock was very close to red and the marker at Enslow was just in the red (do not proceed). We met two crews moored up at Enslow lock intending to travel south but wondering what to do. The River Cherwell through Enslow is certainly flowing very rapidly.

River Cherwell in spate at Enslow

Signs of Spring at Enslow

We moored up at Enslow under the railway bridge. We have an electric hook-up courtesy of Kingsground Narrow Boats. With the help of our neighbours Ant & Jo Cross got home. Lets hope that flows/levels along the Thames continue to fall so we can continue our spring journey; maybe next week.