Pirates of the Grand Union

In an effort to raise money for the Canal Museum at last weekend's boat gathering at Stoke Bruerne, the Royalty Class boat George was dressed up as a pirate ship, complete with a figure head. The crew were certainly in character (mostly Johnny Depp) and the effects they used were certainly eye catching. We happened to be in the right spot, by the top lock, to witness their assault.

It started with a load bang (a bird scarer) and continued with an awful lot of smoke from flares. The fiddler playing "devilish music" from the improvised crows nest completed the scene. All good fun and certainly attractive for the young families enjoying the sunshine.

Entrance of the pirates!

NB George as a pirate ship

I hope the rattling of tins produced significant amounts of cash. The pirates, on the boat and along the towpath, certainly worked hard enough. When one approached us, after we had just given, he gave the excellent retort - "but you haven't given to someone quite as charismatic as me!"

Well done pirates.