Stratford Upon Avon

Maggie and I have a close connection to Stratford from the time before we were married - when we were courting to use an old fashioned phrase.

When we both lived in Solihull in the late 1960s and I rowed at Stratford upon Avon Boat Club and Maggie spent many hours following me to Midlands regattas and beyond. I even rowed in a four in the Boston Marathon. She didn't follow me when we entered a joint Worcester/Stratford crew in the Dublin Metropolitan Regatta - but that's another story.

We had a great day visiting Stratford on our 40th anniversary (the actual day - not when we had our celebration with family and friends). We hired a rowing boat and just had to pause outside the boat club.

Outside Stratford Boat Club

Maggie as cox

We eventually went upstream above the Clopton Bridge and out into the country. The traffic, bustle and throngs are more intense in Stratford than 40 odd years ago but it's very different upstream - so much quieter. NB Lengthsman, who moor near Fradley, overtook us on their way to investigate the limit of navigation.

The new developments at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre we found interesting. The new building is certainly a mixture of styles.

Chain ferry near the Dirty Duck Inn

We haven't visited Bancroft Basin since its alterations and the new bridge. Next time we visit by boat it should(?) be easier to moor up in the basin.

Bancroft Lock and new bridge

Mooring opposite the Parish Church Stratford - got to have one narrowboat in a post.