Cars on Boats

A few years ago I remember being surprised, and somewhat taken, by the sight of a car mounted on the stern of a barge passing along the Rhine at Basel in Switzerland. The car was the original Fiat Panda. The utility of the Panda appeared to fit in with the workhorse nature of the barge.

On our recent day trip down the Rhone we saw several barges and nearly all had cars on board; ranging from modest saloons (i.e. the modern day equivilent of the Panda) to a Mercedes saloon.

A Mercedes coupe on a barge

Two cars on a barge!

The most spectacular car on boat example, however, wasn't on a large boat but on a small British registered boat - the Sarah Ann. She was making her way upstream past Avignon with a small British registered car on board. Getting the car on and off must be fun. What a great sight!

Sarah Ann and its small saloon