U-Boat Narrowboat and Albert's Starter Motor

Last night I read about the U-Boat replica narrow boat on the Narrowboat World web site. Today its featured in the Guardian and the Daily Mail, although its interesting that British Waterways don't think she has a licence. Perhaps that's why the owner appears illusive, according to the Guardian.

The Royal Navy used to run warship-outlined narrowboats in the 1970s. I understand that one was a ballistic missile submarine. It appears that Waterways World ran an article about them in July 1977- all part of recruitment.

As one who was interviewed by the River Police about my terrorism threat before tackling the tidal Thames past Whitehall, I wonder what their approach might be to mini warships passing Parliament?

Albert's starter motor troubles are a little more serious than I originally thought. I have now sorted out a service exchange deal for a new motor. I will post more news when I get the problem sorted - hopefully early next week.