Header Tank Sight Gauge

The Ruston and Hornsby 2YWM engine on Albert has a small brass header tank for the coolant that is open at the top - it makes topping up easy. However, the tank is mounted close to the ceiling of the engine room and it is not easy to see its contents even with a mirror. To check on the coolant level I have had to put my hand into the tank and dip it with my finger.

For several years I have been on the look-out for a sight gauge and I even contemplated making one up from spare flowmeter components that I had lying around. However, when I met with Colin from NB Intrepid I discovered he had purchased some small brass sight gauges from Tony Redshaw.

I did the same this weekend and mounted one today. The gauge is certainly an improvement over the wet finger technique and polished-up it looks the part.

Brass Coolant Head Tank and Sight Gauge