Norfolk Houseboats

We were away from home last week spending some time with friends at Heacham on the North Norfolk coast. It's the only place in Norfolk where you can see the setting sun over the sea - the coast faces almost due west. The weather was dull but the location always impresses. The wide views across The Wash and the long sandy beaches are great. We managed to visit the RSPB reserve at Titchwell March on a cold windswept day and for the first time I saw snow buntings.

So what of boating?

We stayed at a beachhouse at South Beach in the dunes. Alongside the more conventional beachhouses were some really unusual constructions. Behind the beach is the Heacham River which fails to reach the sea. Across its mouth is a dam which is a part of coastal defences. However, at one time boats must have come up the river towards the village because right alongside the river are some former boats that have been hauled-up and converted into quirky beachhouses.


Princess Mary

Perhaps the most memorable is Wild Duck which has a web site and its let for holidays. According to their site " The Wild Duck was built in 1878 at West Lynn for George Cresswell. She has been dry beached on South Beach, Heacham since 1923." It would be interesting to learn the history of some of the other boats.

Wild Duck

The Prow of Unity

Stern of Unity - reminiscent of 19th century sailing ships?