Shake-Down Trip to Cosgrove

After a very long time holed up in the marina we finally managed to take Albert out onto the cut to celebrate summer time, do some spring-cleaning and sort out any problems. We like winter boating but this year, with the ice and more recently our preoccupation with our youngest daughter's wedding, we just haven't had the chance. Even a planned local trip with friends in February got cancelled by ice.

Albery had a sticking shower tap but their didn't appear to be any significant adverse effects on the plumbing from the intense cold of the winter. This week I will have to give Albert a good wash and polish - she looks a bit gruby.

In honour of the great event (that is getting a trip on Albert!) I am posting a photograph of Cosgrove. Note the new three-bell swinger on the pigeon box.

Solomon's Bridge Cosgrove