In praise of short boats

I've been photographing quite a few short narrowboats recently. They appear fun. After we moored up in Braunston recently the first Sea Ottter, NB Marionette, went by. I just couldn't resist snapping this delightful boat on my old Nokia N95.

Chatting to the owners and designers, Marion & Mike Kelly, they filled me on the detail of how they were involved with the boat's construction 15 years ago. The Sea Otter story was recorded by Graham Booth for Waterways World a few years ago.

I must admit I can see the rationale for the trailable short boats. The larger Sea Otters unfortunately leave me cold.

Marionette looked immaculate and is a credit to her owners. As the first of a now extensive range of water-ballasted alluminium boats she will no doubt be a classic boat of the future.