The Mill Garden Warwick

Whilst moored up in Warwick we have visted various local attractions. One we noticed recently was The Mill Garden which nestles under the walls of Warwick Castle. It is an absolute treasure! This wonderful cottage garden opens as part of the National Gardens Scheme (yellow book). At £1.50 entrance, for garden lovers it represents great value. Proceeds go to charity and last year they raised around £9,000 for local and national charities. It opens every day from April to October and on other occasions out of season.

Garden Entrance - below the castle walls

The gardens are at the end of Mill Street. At one time this street led to the main bridge crossing the Avon and the cottage was occupied by the bridgekeeper. In the 18th century the bridge became congested and Earl George Greville built a new bridge up stream (the site of the current bridge)and knocked down the old bridge to make a "romantic ruin".

The cottage on the site dates from the 15th century but was re-faced in red brick in the 18th century. A cottage has been on the site since 1398.

The garden was the work of Arthur Measures, the father-in-law of the present gardener. It has the most wonderful vistas along the Avon, looking over a weir, and it makes the most of the ruined bridge. It is a cottage garden par-excellance and in the warm Spring it looked at its very best.

View of the weir, River Avon

Old Bridge, Warwick

Lilies under the Bridge Arch

Canary Bird Rose

18th Century Stocks which have preservation order



If you moor up in Warwick take a walk down to the river and visit this little gem. We can thoroughly recommend it.