Eckington Bridge

Early on Friday morning (August 19th) we left Gloucester Docks, locking down with two other narrow boats and a cruiser. It was misty and very still following the heavy rain of Thursday.

Misty morning in Gloucester Docks

Three narrowboats and a cruiser entered the lock. However, one of the narrowboats locking down stayed in the lock and went up to the docks again because their dog was on the dockside and was unable to get on board outside the lock. The cruiser shot off into the distance, so this left ourselves and NB Penny from Heaven to travel up to Tewkesbury as a pair. The weather was clear a bright and the journey uneventful and pleasant.

Negotiating the bend where the River Chelt and Coombe Hill Canal join the Severn

Haw Bridge Inn

We arrived at the Avon Lock at 1 o'clock just as the keeper went for lunch. Over the hour a clutch of cruisers and a third narrow boat had arrived. NB Sammy Jo had come from Gloucester Docks but their journey had also included a trip down to other River Avon from Bristol Docks, an overnight mooring at Portishead to wait for the tide, and a trip up the tidal River Severn to Sharpness. They had accompanied another boat and shared the services of a pilot; very intrepid!

After paying our temporary LANT navigation fees (£50 for seven days)to the lockeeper, we locked up into the River Avon with NB Penny from Heaven. They suggested going up river sharing locks and we readily agreed. The wind was quite strong as we left Tewksbury and a narrow boat attempting to get into the narrow entrance of Tewksbury Marina was having great problems - they were being blown crab-wise upstream away from the entrance. Last seen they were fending themselves off moored boats.

On the Avon, passing under the M5 near Tewksbury

The river was delightful. In the afternoon sun I spotted another kingfisher on the reach below Strensham Lock. We moored up at Eckington Bridge along with Penny from Heaven. According to the crew of Cecilia, who had been there sometime, we were lucky to get the moooring because until just before were arrived the moorings had been packed with cruisers.

Eckington Bridge Mooorings

Eckington Bridge under repair

In the evening we went aboard NB Penny for drinks and a sociable evening with Jim & Mary.