On Tuesday (August 9th), we tackled the Hatton flight. At the bottom lock we fortunately immediately met up with NB Prestige, from Rose Narrowboats. They had an effective fit crew and we had an easy passage up the flight only delayed by a slow single boat in front and a single boat coming down the flight that foolishly waited in a lock (rather than a pound) for another boat to join them. Three hours forty minutes broke no records. At one point we were averaging 9 minutes lock but the delays soon put paid to that. Lunch at the Hatton Top Lock Café was welcome and one of the crew felt the need to have chocolate cake.

Hatton - "The Thick"

Hatton BW Depot

The summit was short of water and we ran aground a couple of times. We turned onto the Stratford Canal at Kingswood Junction and immediately met Brian and Irene O’Neil on NB Rangitoto leaving the bottom lock of the Lapworth flight. Unfortunately, we didn’t have chance to catch up on their travels. It will have to wait until we meet up back at Yardley Gobion.