Long Itchington and Braunston

On Thursday, August 25th we left Warwick and travelled towards Braunston along the Grand Union with NB Penny. It was good boating weather, bright but not hot, and we made good progress until we got to Bascote Locks. The adventure we had there will be the subject of another blog. However, we managed to moor up by the Two Boats Inn which we visited for drinks. It was resonably full but by the time we left, only 10.30, it was empty. The landlord was a bit pessimistic about the pub trade.

The next day was quite rainy. We got up early and made the Stockton Flight relatively quickly. The rain came on heavily as we approached Calcutt Locks. At the top of Calcutt NB Penny took on water. We pressed on to Braunston and found that it was jammed packed with boats. We suspected the rain had forced many boaters to stay put for the day. It was also Bank Holiday Weekend and Braunston was having a village celebration. This accounted for the range of trading boats, including The Cheese Boat, that were moored up.

We finally decided that we were not going to find a mooring in the centre of Braunston and so moved up two locks to moor up by the Admiral Nelson Inn. We had arranged to meet up with Jim & Mary from NB Penny at Poppie's Cafe in the village. We had delicious tea and cakes. NB Penny did find a mooring. Jim & Mary had not found any available and had turned around by the Stop House and were making their way out of the village when a mooring right opposite The Boathouse pub became vacant. What luck!

We met that night with Jim & Mary for a farewell meal. They were going on the North Oxford towards Hawksbury Junction and the Ashby Canal and we were going East towards Norton Junction and home. We will miss travelling with them.